APFS file system

Apple’s new Public betas

This week, Apple is releasing the public betas for some of their upcoming software updates. Yesterday, the iOS 11 public beta was made available for download, and adds some nice features, especially for iPad users. While I don’t really recommend trying the public betas so soon after they come out, the iOS 11 public beta does seem pretty stable already.

But the one I really want to talk about is the upcoming macOS High Sierra public beta. I usually try out these public betas as soon as they come out just to get a feel for the new features before they are released to the public at large. That is part of my job after all.
But I will not be doing that with the macOS High Sierra public beta. This update introduces a brand new file system to the Mac called APFS. This new file system has already been introduced on iOS and has been working great so far. But things might get a little trickier on the Mac, and that’s why I would highly recommend holding off on installing macOS 10.13 on your Mac until all the kinks have been worked out by Apple. So realistically, you should probably wait until the end of July at least.

Posted by Ian Van Slyke

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