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We are here to help you get the most from your Apple products.

Mac Learn provides comprehensive tech support and services for a wide variety of Apple products.
We are available to come and meet you in person at your home or business in the Atlanta area.
We also provide support and training via phone and through remote connection anywhere else in the United States.


We can help you resolve most of the software and hardware issues you might encounter while using your Apple products.


We offer data recovery services for Macs, external hard drives, and iPhones. We strive to keep the prices reasonable for this service, and will go to great lengths to recover all of your data.


We provide a wide variety of  training options for most Apple products, as well as software from other companies such as Adobe, Microsoft and more.


We can help you set-up and keep your devices in great running condition. We specialize in the organization and clean-up of your files, photos, music, and other large files on your devices.


One of the most crucial aspect of technology nowadays is to keep all your devices secure and properly backed-up. We can help you make important decisions about how to keep all your devices safe, secure, and fully backed-up.


We provide extensive support for iPhones and iPads. Smart phone and mobile devices have become a very important part of daily life over the last decade, but getting the most out of these devices isn't always obvious. We can help with that.



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My name is Ian Van Slyke. I am an Apple certified Pro,  ex-Apple employee, and the owner of Mac Learn. I've been working with Apple technology since the early 90's, including working as a trainer for Apple for a few years. If you have any questions about my services, feel free to call me, or just fill out the contact form on the right, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I try very hard to make sure that we provide a great service for reasonable rates, and I can be reached any day of the week.

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How does this work ?

In the Atlanta area :

For Tech support and training in Atlanta, we can meet at your home, business, or a public space such as a coffee shop. We can run diagnostics on your Apple computers and mobile devices, and help you trouble-shoot a wide variety of issues you might be experiencing. We also offer on-site training for all of your Apple products and can answer your questions regarding how to get the most out of your devices. 
If you need data recovery, we can meet up with you and run tests on the hard drives that you need data recovered from and we'll be able to tell you fairly quickly if I can recover the data.

For the rest of the United States :

We are also available outside of Atlanta for Mac tech support and training, by connecting to your computer remotely and over the phone. I can help you resolve most problems you're likely to encounter as long as your Mac is able to get online. Remote training is also available this way, covering the very basics all the way to more advanced topics.

Testimonials :

Here is what some previous clients have said about Mac Learn :

Grayson Norman - Ashton Woods Home
"Perfect information for what I needed to accomplish, goals I previously was not tasked with. Ian also did a few things on the side that helped our business. Thanks Ian ! We will be in touch for the next-round"
Marcia Jenkins
"Needed updates, clean-up on Macs. Ian was prompt, pleasant, eager to please and taught me a lot as well as cleaned up the issues. Will call on him again for sure."
Kurtis Frizell
"He works at a very quick pace, and I would highly recommend him ! He has a permanent customer in me for any of my computer needs."
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